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Judy Bell received Target’s Merchandising Pyramid’s Team Leadership Award, “In recognition of your ability to relate with and accomplish work through others as a member of your team, business partner and leader of people.”

Nominated by industry peers, Judy was an honored Retail Design Influencer as part of design:retail's Portfolio Awards for “individuals who embody innovation, professionalism, and fortitude.”

Judy was named a Design Luminary along with Paco Underhill, retail anthropologist and best selling author, and Giorgio Borruso, award-winning architectural designer. This award was created by design:retail magazine to honor those individuals who are “exceptional leaders, whose guidance shapes the industry and whose levels of accomplishment are unsurpassed by peers and competitors.”

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Judy was honored by design:retail as one of the top five Industry Mentors for her authorship of Silent Selling, a college textbook published by Fairchild Books in NY, a division of Bloomsbury.

The coveted Markopoulos Award was awarded to Judy “in recognition of extraordinary achievements and outstanding contributions to the visual merchandising and store design industry”, joined in later years by winners Simon Doonan, Creative Director at Barney’s, Linda Fargo, Vice President of Visual Merchandising at Bergdorf’s and Ralph Pucci, President of Pucci International.